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Our Mission

Our Vision:  Overcoming addictions through community support, God's grace, and connections with appropriate service providers.

Mission Statement:  Helping Hands Overcoming Addiction provides faith-based support for individuals suffering from physical and mental substance abuse disorder.

At the Gateway House for women we strive to create a safe home environment supported by love, hope and faith, while facilitating the treatment process that leads to successful substance abuse recovery.

Team Meeting

How it Began

Helping Hands was organized in 2009, and began serving the community as a non-profit organization in April 2010 as a group of concerned men and women who wanting to help individuals and families struggling with life controlling addictions.  We became a 501(c)3 non-profit charity in 2012, an all volunteer organization serving because there is a need and we want to help meet that need.  Several of our volunteers have been have been drug/alcohol free for more than one year.  Other volunteers have friends or loved ones who have been or are struggling with life-controlling problems. In 2020 with the opening of the Women's Gateway House, we hired our first employee. 

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